Welcome to the
Seal Beach/Los Alamitos RACES

                                                                FEMA Classes

        Membership in RACES requires that you take two on-line FEMA Classes
        IS-100c, "Introduction to the Incident Command System" and IS-700b, "National
        Incident Management System (NIMS), an Introduction." These on-line Classes
        get you familiar how an EOC (Emergency Operations Center) works and the
        Command Structure involved. You should be able to complete both Courses
        in a four (4) hour period. Once you have taken the course, and passed the
        on-line test, you will be issued a Certificate of Completion. Please save these
        Certificates to your computer, and print out a copy to Submit with your

        SPECIAL NOTE: If you are already a RACES Member and have taken and
        passed the ICS-100b and ICS-700a tests, you are not required to take these
        test again, although we encourage you to do so.       
        We have provided links to both ICS-100c and ICS-700b Classes below for your use.

         FEMA Class ICS-100c          FEMA Class ICS-700b