Welcome to the
Seal Beach/Los Alamitos RACES

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                                                                     Who is RACES? 
(Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service)
                                                                     RACES is a public service by dedicated amateur radio
                                                                     operators that provides communications personnel to
                                                                     government agencies in time of extraordinary need. (when all
                                                                     else fails!) RACES is administered by the Seal Beach and Los
                                                                     Alamitos Police Departments.
                                                                      What We Do
                                                                      RACES operations include two main areas: Observe and
                                                                      report on local conditions during an emergency and provide
                                                                      emergency message handling on Amateur Radio Service
                                                                      frequencies. During periods of activation, RACES personnel
                                                                      are called upon to provide many tasks for the cities of Seal
                                                                      Beach and Los Alamitos (including Leisure World). Although
                                                                      the exact nature of each Activation will be different, the
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                                                           common thread is communications.        

 1. Check-in on our weekly Net held
     each Wednesday at 7:30 PM on
     449.300 MHz (- 5 MHz) pl=141.3 Hz.
 2. Leave a voice mail for Cpl. Brian
     Gray at the Seal Beach Police
     Dept. (562) 799-4100  Ext. 1145

                     UPCOMING EVENTS/NEWS
   1. Next regular Meeting Mar 13th, 2019 7:00 PM at 911
  2. NWS Oxnard "Forecast Discussion"

 3. West Coast & Alaska "Tsunami Warning Center"
 4. Seal Beach "Weather/Tide Information"